Terms & Conditions | Penelope's Vintage Teas & Treats

Terms & Conditions

1. General

  1. On booking products from Penelope's Vintage Teas & Treats, you are agreeing to all prices, menus, services and any miscellaneous items discussed and agreed to by both parties during the consultation process.
  2. Penelope's Vintage Teas & Treats' responsibility is to deliver with satisfaction all aspects agreed upon by both parties.

2. Hire

  1. All items shall remain the property of Penelope's Vintage Teas & Treats during the hire period.
  2. The hire period is generally 2-4 days; this is variable depending upon the event and will be fully discussed and agreed upon in consultations.
  3. Delays in returning hired items will result in a late charge per day’s overdue hire equivalent to the standard hire rate.
  4. All goods will be supplied clean and undamaged.
  5. Due to its nature and age, some items may have faded in colour and gilding and have unseen cracks and damage.
  6. No responsibility will be assumed by Penelope's Vintage Teas & Treats for injury or damage, directly or indirectly caused, to persons or property whilst using our products.
  7. Our collection is made up of matching sets and mismatched items, no guarantee can be made for all items to match.
  8. Items vary in colour, styles, size and age.
  9. The hirer is solely responsible for all hire items during the hire periods and must ensure the full safety and safekeeping of products and items.

3. Washing up service

  1. All items are supplied clean and ready to use, but due to the delicate nature of the Penelope's Vintage Teas & Treats crockery these items are NOT dishwasher safe and must be washed by hand.
  2. Items can be returned soiled for us to wash, but this will incur a 10% charge of hire price.
  3. All food debris must always be cleaned off before packaging items in correct protective wrapping after use.

4. Breakages, damages, and loss

  1. A full inventory will be signed at point of delivery collection.
  2. Any breakages must be kept and returned with the other items.
  3. All breakages, damages and missing items will incur a charge as per our hire page. Specialist items individually charged at Penelope's Vintage Teas & Treats' discretion.

5. Delivery and collection

  1. Penelope's Vintage Teas & Treats is happy to deliver and collect items with delivery charges being calculated per individual event.
  2. It is also possible for the hirer to collect and return hired items.
  3. At this time the hirer assumes all responsibility for items and will incur a charge for all transportation breakages or damage.
  4. Hirers are encouraged to inspect items prior to delivery / collection and must sign an event inventory and delivery note. Any discrepancies should be noted at this time.
  5. If no defects are reported Penelope's Vintage Teas & Treats are to assume all items were delivered and collected in good order.

8. Cancellations

  1. All cancellations must be made to Penelope's Vintage Teas & Treats in writing.
  2. If a cancellation is made less than 7 days before the event, no refunds shall be given.

9. Deposit

  1. We require a 50% deposit to secure the date with the remaining 50% to be paid 21 days prior to the Event.